Mouse Repellent Pouches - Filter 10pk

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Contains Active Ingredients that include natural essential oils

"Just Place Where You've Seen Mice!"
    1. Intended to Repel Mice Longer Than Burlap Pouches
    2. A More Even Release Of Active Ingredients Over Time

    *These filter pouches will have a greater amount of active ingredients by weight than burlap pouches do. However, filter pouches are not formulated to absorb odor or freshen air like burlaps.

    Made and tested by farmers, great for your home. 10 filter pouches per sack.

    NO SEE NO TOUCH TRAP ALTERNATIVE - MEANT FOR HOME USE - Since it’s non lethal, you’ll never touch dead mice. They’re the cleanest mouse control solution available.

    **MADE IN THE USA!**

    Type: Repellents

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