Deer & Rabbit Repellent - How To Use

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How To Use Grandpa Gus's Deer & Rabbit Repellent - Product Use:

1) Shake Well

2) Turn nozzle into 'on' position

3) Spray on dry plant(s) you would like to protect. (Spray until wet but not until run-off.) It is also helpful to spray any tracks or trails you may have in your yard.

It's really that simple. While the product does not contain harmful chemicals, wearing gloves will avoid any spillage on your hands. The active ingredients are a blend of plant oils.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does This Liquid Work:
The liquid provides a coating on plants that is unpleasant tasting for deer and rabbits. If coated, the animal will be deterred by taste upon touching the sprayed area with their mouth.




What happens if the products touches my hands, shoes, etc?

First, they will get wet, but after that not a lot. The product is designed to be safe to touch/smell.


Can I breathe in the smell?

Yes, the ingredients are natural essential oils.


How long does the product last?

For deer, up to 5 weeks.

For rabbits, up to 9 weeks.

However, if it rains you must re-apply the product. If you see animals re-appearing, re-apply.



Can I use this on vegetables?

Gus says his lawyer said to say, "no."


Can I use this on ornamentals, such as roses?

Likely now, but it is best to test the product on one plant to see the effects. 


What are the ingredients?

Each product has ingredients on the label as required by EPA law.

The active ingredients--ones that repel--are: cornmint oil, thyme oil and cottonseed oil.

The inactive ingredients are listed in the image below. Click here to view it in full-size.


What are the "*Other Ingredients"?

Check the * underneath "Total" on the front label. You'll see the other ingredients.

This * is the standard format for writing these types of labels.


Replacement and Storage:

The formula is proven effective for up to 5 weeks against deer. However, you will need to respray the area/plants if it rains.

For winter storage, it is advisable that you don't let the product freeze so the bottle/jug/sprayer does not incur damage.


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