Do Not Put Away Your Combine Naked This Winter...

Mouse Repellent Pouches (4 pk)


  • Repels mice all winter long in your machinery
  • Fresh Peppermint & CInnamon scent leaves your cab smelling great in the spring. 
  • Absorbs any existing odors through minerals inside pouch. 
  • Absorbs any existing odors through minerals inside pouch. The only pouch on the market that 
  • Safe around kids, pets and livestock. Non-toxic and safe. Made with natural plant oils
  • No dead mice to deal with, no traps, no stinky mothballs, no sticky glue boards and no poisons. The simplest solution period
  • Made at home in the USA!
  • Includes: 4 individual burlap pouches (as pictured)
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How Mouse Pouches Work

Grandpa Gus's Mouse Pouches repel mice by targeting their olfactory glands. (In other words, it gets 'em in the nose.)

Mice use their nose like we use our eyes. They rely on scent to find food, other mess and to sense predators.

When mice smell Gus's pouches, the glands in their nose become irritated. They can't find food and they can't smell predators. This triggers and evolutionary desire to find a safer area. 

It's nature's way of keeping mice away. 

How To Use Mouse Pouches

Using Gus's Pouches is easy:

 1) Remove Pouch From Resealable Bag
 2) Place pouch inside your combine or truck cab
 3) Come back in spring to a fresh smelling machine in spring

It's as simple as that! (And the silver coffee bag is resealable for saving unused pouches too!)

Mouse Repellent Spray (8oz)


  • Stops mice instantly from chewing on engine wiring of machinery, trucks, lawn mowers and snow machines, as well as seats, headliners and feed and seed bags
  • Prevents Mice From Entering Small Areas such as cabinets, drawers and toolboxes
  • Easy to apply and smells great - like a fresh peppermint air freshener. Take with you anywhere. Up to 1280 Sprays!
  • Safe around kids and pets, non-toxic and safe. Made with natural plant oils
  • Made at home in the USA!
  • Includes: 8oz of spray (as pictured)
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Many people don't know that today's wiring contains peanut oil. Manufacturers use this oil to string wires through casing... but this attracts mice!

However, when mice try to chew on an wires that has been sprayed with Grandpa Gus, they will get a spicy taste in their mouth. This causes the to stop chewing.

Even when spray has dried on counters, baseboards and in cabinets, it continues working over time. Mice get the dried residue on their paws. Mice constantly rub their face with their paws, this brings the heat to their eyes and mouth.

A little heat makes them want to stop biting or leave the area without harming them.


Using Gus's Mouse Spray is on wiring:
 1) Shake bottle and spray directly on wires
 2) Let dry
 3) Spray again

(You can use the spray to re-juvenate your mouse pouches too!)

Your Combine earns money for your family - protect it!

Protect Your Machinery

Every year mice do THOUSANDS of dollars in damage to implements in America. Don't be a victim - protect your combine with mouse pouches and spray, protect the investment you've made for years to come. It's simple, effective and easy to start today.

Keep Your Unit Fresh

Come back to a sweet smelling cab in the spring. Where mothballs smell and leave a lingering odor, Grandpa Gus will leave your cab smelling like peppermint. And best of all, Gus's products will mask and absorb odors too!

Safe Around Humans & Livestock

Feel confident that your kids, pets and you are safe using Gus's products. Active ingredients are made from plant-oils, not harsh chemicals. These products are formulated to target the nasal glands of mice, not humans or dogs. Ditch the poison and protect your family.

Made In The USA

We're proud to make our products in America, where quality reigns king. Know that you are getting a top-notch product, guaranteed from an American manufacturer. After all, Grandpa Gus wouldn't have it any other way than the American way!

What GuS's customers think...

Garland L.

Verified Buyer

Put one in each car and one under a kitchen cabinet, and haven't seen a mouse lately... Thanks guys.

Elaine P.

Verified Buyer

We bought this mouse repellent last year to use in our motor home in the months it was in storage. It was the first year we had NO problem with mice! Ordered more this year to use in the motor home again! Thanks for a great product!

Stephen R.

Verified Buyer

Miracle workers, within a few days no more mice, very impressed with this product

Jessica J.

Verified Reviewer

Grandpa Gus does not disappoint. This liquid mouse repellent is awesome. The spray nozzle works well and easy on my arthritis. The liquid is red in the container but comes out clear. Very easy to spray it where you need it. 

Diana T.

Verified Buyer

Sprayed trouble spots in the trailer Friday, Saturday and Sunday last week. Came back this weekend and there were empty mouse traps! First time in 2 years. Very happy.

Dorothy P.

Verified Buyer

We love the ease of using this product. It made the basement of our camper smell great.

FARM PACK: 3 Packs Of Pouches (12 bags) + 1 Bottle of Spray

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Grandpa Gus's 100% Old-Time Handshake Guarantee

We're an American company, making American products for real, American people. We feel not only an obligation, but also a duty to provide you with quality, products that America is known for. These are products that work! If you are at all unsatisfied with purchase we will refund your purchase 100%. That's Gus's Old-Time Handshake Guarantee.