Fly Bags - How To Use

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How To Use Grandpa Gus's Fly Bags - Product Use:

1) Unscrew top knob on bag

2) Fill bag with water up to fill line

3) Hang in a sunny area where flies are present.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does This Product Work:
The water you pour into the bag reacts with the bait in the bag. The bait is made from fish bone meal. As the sun hits the bag, the fish begins to smell and this attracts the flies.
Gus likes to keep things simply (and bit smelly).


Can I use these in my barn?

Yes, the bait is just fish bone meal, i.e. dried fish leftovers.

Many customers use these in their barn.


What happens if the products touches my hands, shoes, etc?

Your hands will smell. Gus recommends washing them if they smell.


Can I breathe in the smell?

Yes, but you probably won't like it!


How long does the product last?

Weeks and weeks, either until the bag fills up with thousands of flies or until the water evaporates.



Can I add more water if it evaporates?

Yes, just ensure the bait is still smelly after adding new water.


What do I do once the bag is filled?

Screw the cap down again and dispose of the bag.


Will this bag catch bees?

Very, very likely not. Bees do not favor the bait and would not be attracted to the color of the entry. 
While some flying insect products are harmful to bees, Gus has designed this one to be in the "not harmful" category. You should not fear harming bees by using this product.

What are the ingredients?

Fish bone meal. That's it.


Can I re-use the bags? Can I buy replacement bait?

No. Once the bag is full of flies it is meant to be thrown out. It is disposable so it is easy to dispose of the dead flies.


Where To Use:

The bags will work nearly anywhere that there is sunlight, i.e. the ability to warm the bait/water mix, so the smell is released.

See the image below for where to hang your bags.


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