Mouse Repellent Pouches - How To Use

VIDEO: How To Use Mouse Repellent Pouches


WRITTEN: How To Use Mouse Repellent Pouches

Product Use:

1) Remove pouches from silver bag

2) Place one pouch along each wall of room, 1 per cab or 4 per RV. Each pouch covers 50 square feet

3) Replace when smell diminishes

More Tips:
Place pouches near areas where past mouse activity has been noticed. Typically mice look for entry points into a home. ie. around water pipes, drain pipes, small openings. They can squeeze into openings as small as 1/4”. Trying to locate entry points helps to optimize the use of Grandpa Gus bags. Use as many bags as required, for all suspected entry points. 
Each pouch is scented. It may last up to 3 months, depending on air flow. More air flow, lessens length of time of use. Use the Grandpa Gus Spray to recharge the bags as often as you wish. Every few weeks, spray each pouch 6-7 times, to enhance the scent deterrent. 


Replacement and Storage:

Pouches will last up to 3 months depending on the air flow circulating through the product. Less airflow is better. Therefore, once opened, roll up original packaging and use tin-tie to seal in order to preserve remaining pouches.


Where To Use Mouse Repellent Pouches