Mouse Repellent Spray - How To Use

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How To Instructions 


Mouse Repellent Spray

Product Use:

1) Shake Bottle Well

2) Ensure surface being sprayed is dry

3) Spray one coat of repellent on or along surface or wiring until wet but not to the point of runoff.

4) Wait until dry, then apply spray again.


Replacement and Storage:

Mice will run through or chew the dried residual. It is not only the scent that repels mice. Therefore, as long as surface is coated repellent will continue working. Re-apply if area becomes wet, dusty or hot, such as a car motor. Works best indoors.

It is advised not to let the bottle freeze.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1) Can I re-spray the pouches with the spray?



2) Can I breathe in the smell?



3) Is it safe / Will this hurt my dog / cat / kid / etc?

No. The active ingredients are simply plant oils.


4) What are the ingredients?

All products have ingredients on the label as required by EPA law.

The spray ingredients that repel mice are peppermint and cinnamon.

The inactive ingredients in the spray are sodium lauryl sulfate (which is common in toothpaste, shampoo, etc) and water.


5) What are the "*Other Ingredients"?

Check the * underneath "Total" on the front label. You'll see the other ingredients are vermiculite and soap in the pouches, sodium lauryl sulfate and water in the spray.

This * is the standard way of writing these types of labels.


6) Can This Spray Be Used Outdoors?

The spray works best in areas it can't get wet or dusty. Generally, this is easier indoors but it can work outdoors, especially on wiring.


7) Can These Products Best Used On Rats?

This product will work well to stop rats from chewing. 


8) My house is infested with mice and we've had mice problems for years and years, will your product work?

No. Please call an exterminator.

Our products are deterrent-based solutions for preventing mice from entering enclosed areas. If you believe you require an exterminator contact us for a refund; we want to be fair.


9) If the mice eat a wire in my truck will you buy me a new truck? Put your money where your mouth is Grandpa Gus!

No. Our money-back guarantee covers the price of the product only.


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