Spider Repellent Pouches - How To Use

VIDEO: How To Use Spider Repellent Pouches

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WRITTEN: How To Use Spider Repellent Pouches

Product Use:

1) Remove pouches from silver bag

2) Place one pouch along each wall of room or one in each corner or closet

3) Replace when smell diminishes


How These Pouches Work:
These pouches work by not only repelling spiders but also the insects spiders eat. With irritation, and by removing the prey, spiders will want to leave the area.


Safe Around Kids & Pets and Pantries?



Replacement and Storage:

Pouches will last approximately 30 days and can last up to 90 days depending on air flow. Therefore, once opened, use zipper seal in order to preserve remaining pouches.


Where To Use Spider Repellent Pouches