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Closeout: Fly Trapping Bags

Closeout: Fly Trapping Bags

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  • CATCH 1000s OF FLIES QUICKLY - these traps works better than fly strips and are like a magnet for the flies in your yard

  • NATURAL, FOOD-BASED BAIT - Utilize the power of natural fish bone meal to lure flies into the bag. Works great in barns!

  • EASY TO USE - Just add water and hang. When full, simply toss in the trash. These last until the bag is full!

  • PACK OF 6 TRAPPING BAGS - Get 6 of these bags sent straight to your door from our American warehouse

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product made in the USA? 

Yes! All of Grandpa Gus's products are made and shipped right here in the USA.

How long will it take to receive my order? 

We ship all orders the following business day after your order is placed. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information once your order is shipped. Most orders will arrive within 3-5 business days.

Does this product contain chemicals or pesticides? 

Absolutely not! Our products contain no chemicals or pesticides and smell wonderful!

What ingredients are in this product? What makes it work? 

The active ingredient in this product is plant oils. The combination we've chosen - peppermint and cinnamon - smell great to us, but mice dislike them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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