Mouse Tube Traps - 4pk

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  • PACK OF 4 LIVE CATCH TRAPS - cover every corner of the room with this simple, clear and effect live catch traps. More traps means more mice caught more quickly. A tremendous value (that works too!)
  • SIMPLEST NO TOUCH REUSABLE MOUSE TRAP AVAILABLE - Simple remove end cap, place bait (peanut butter) and close end cap. When your first mouse is caught, remove end cap and let him run free. NO TOUCHING DEAD MICE! A humane and straightforward solution...
  • MOST HUMANE LIVE CATCH WITH AIR VENTS - Over 15% of the trap door and end cap is open area allowing small mouse plenty of air until release while still ensuring they don't escape. Better than others who keep mouse enclosed and suffering
  • EACH TRAP IS THE PERFECT SIZE FOR MICE - Large enough to stick your finger in, small enough for a mouse while still being humane. Size ensures mice enter one-way door but can't turn around to lift it like other traps...
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SAFE AROUND KIDS & PETS - With no snapping mechanism, trap can be used anywhere you've seen mice. Durable outdoors; clean, sleek and discreet indoors. Make catching mice simple again! MADE IN THE USA!

Category: mice, trap

Type: Trap

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