Rat & Mouse Powder Rodent Repellent

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  • Repel Mice AND Rats: Grandpa Gus's special powder is lab-tested and proven to work on mice and rats
  • Where to use: Your solution for outdoor spaces, such as shops and sheds, or around farm machinery, vehicles or RVs. (Can also be used indoors.)
  • How to use: sprinkle the powder around the perimeter area of the building or around stored equipment/vehicles, or place a mound on a paper plate and place in an are rodents travel. A perfect compliment to Gus's pouches and spray.
  • How it works: rodents contact the powder repellent, sense the area is unsafe through the powder's scent, texture and taste. Then they leave.
  • Non-toxic: Kid-safe, pet-safe and safe around farm animals
  • Made in the USA and lasts up to 30 days (or until wet)

Type: Repellents