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Rodent Repellent Powder

Rodent Repellent Powder

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24 oz (680g)

About This Item

The potent powder formula is proven to be highly effective at repelling mice and rats to prevent them from invading your properties and chewing on wirings.

When animals come into contact with the repellent, through the powder's scent, texture and taste, it causes mild irritation to their nasal passages and triggers their instinct to leave/avoid the area. The effect will last up to 30 days (or until wet).

Use it outdoor around homes, gardens, garbage bins, barns, sheds, decks, patios or around farm machinery, boats, vehicles or RVs. Can also be used in selected areas indoors, such as garage, storeroom, etc.

Sprinkle the powder around the perimeter area of the building or around stored equipment/vehicles, or place a mound on a paper plate and place in areas rodents travel.

Perfect to use in farms, lawns, gardens, flowerbeds and plants. No killing and no traps. A complement to Grandpa Gus's Mouse Repellent Pouches and Spray

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this product work?
Grandpa Gus's Rodent Repellent Powder is powered by plant-based essential oils. The main workhorses are Cornmint Oil, Citronella Oil, and Linseed Oil that work together for the most effective performance. The scent of these essential oils irritates the olfactory senses of the mouse, causing it to leave the area.
How do I use this product?
What are the active ingredients?
What pests does your product work on?
Where can I use the product?
Is this product safe for use around kids or pets?
What does "when used as directed" mean?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product made in the USA? 

Yes! All of Grandpa Gus's products are made and shipped right here in the USA.

How long will it take to receive my order? 

We ship all orders the following business day after your order is placed. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information once your order is shipped. Most orders will arrive within 3-5 business days.

Does this product contain chemicals or pesticides? 

Absolutely not! Our products contain no chemicals or pesticides and smell wonderful!

What ingredients are in this product? What makes it work? 

The active ingredient in this product is plant oils. The combination we've chosen - peppermint and cinnamon - smell great to us, but mice dislike them.

Mice hate our powder.

Perfect to use in and around farms, lawns, gardens, flowerbeds and plants. Just sprinkle the powder around the perimeter area of the building or around stored equipment/vehicles, or place a mound on a paper plate and place in areas rodents travel.

Folks Love Grandpa Gus

“So easy to use, completely safe to use around kids and pets. And there’s no snappy of traps!”

“It’s super easy, it’s really simple. It’s one less thing we gotta worry about so we can get back to things like chasing our kids around.”

“I love that it contains a quick kill formula and is made in the USA. We love this product so much that we place it in all of our AirBnBs.”

“I love that it has simple and natural ingredients with plant based actives that allows you to feel comfortable spraying it inside your home.”

“It’s very pleasant. I’m a big fan of nice smelling bedrooms. So I would recommend this for any AirBnB host, for sure.”