Bed Bug Trap
Bed Bug Trap
Bed Bug Trap
Bed Bug Trap
Bed Bug Trap
Bed Bug Trap
Bed Bug Trap
Bed Bug Trap

Bed Bug Trap

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EARLY DETECTION - Grandpa Gus's Bed Bug Traps alert you to a bed bug problem whether you're at home or traveling. Our early alert traps catch bugs to let you know before they become an infestation; Slide and hide the trap between your mattress and box spring or near the bed to catch bugs in our bed bug sticky traps

UNIQUE PATENTED DESIGN - This simple but effective trap is ready to use right out of the box. Crushproof design allows bugs easy access, and the clear viewing area makes it easy to see if any bugs have been captured

SAFE BED BUG TRAPS - Formulated with a custom, sticky glue encased in a hard shell, our traps work for up to 6 months once unwrapped. Our traps are designed to detect bed bugs early; they are not designed to prevent or control bed bugs.

FOR TRAVEL - Use Grandpa Gus's Bed Bug Traps in your suitcase and in your hotel bed to learn if bed bugs are present; our traps will alert you to any potential hitchhikers so you won't take them home.

GRANDPA GUS'S BED BUG ELIMINATION SYSTEM - Simply slide and hide the trap between your mattress and box spring or near the bed to lure bugs into our bed bug sticky traps. If you find a bed bug in our trap, throw away the trap and the bug in a sealed bag; Immediately treat the affected area with Grandpa Gus's Bed Bug Killer Spray; then Call an exterminator for evaluation

Product Details

Product Details

Directions for Use

Directions for Use

Return Policy

Return Policy

Bed Bug Trap 12 pack
Bed Bug Trap

Frequently asked, all answered.

How does this product work?
Grandpa Gus's Bed Bug Traps use a sticky glue surface to trap bed bugs that cross over the glue area. The inside surface of the trap is textured to help the bed bugs move into the glue area.
How do I use this product?
1. Place the traps bottom side down under all 4 corners of the mattress between the mattress and the box spring or platform.
2. Check the traps every day.
3. If a bed bug is in the trap, dispose of the trap in a sealed bag in your garbage.
4. Immediately treat the affected area with Grandpa Gus’s Bed Bug Killer Spray.
5. Use the traps after treatment to ensure bed bugs are eliminated.
What are the active ingredients?
There are no active ingredients in the traps.
What bugs does your product work on?
This product is designed to capture bed bugs.
Where can I use the product?
Place the bed bug traps under each of the 4 corners of your mattress. They can also be placed on the floor need the bed legs, under the cushions of upholstered furniture and in your suitcase or hotel mattress when you travel.
Is this product safe to use on kids?
Yes, Grandpa Gus's Bed Bug Traps are safe to use around kids when used as directed. If a trap has a bed bug in it, we recommend an adult dispose of the trap by placing it in a zip-close bag and disposing of it in the garbage can.
What does "when used as directed" mean?
"Use as directed" means carefully following the usage directions and cautions on the package.

Grandpa Gus's Bed Bug Traps

Sleep with ease knowing you'll be alerted to the presence of bed bugs before there's an infestation.

Small and discreet, these bed bug traps are non-toxic and will catch bugs for up to 6 months.

Use with Grandpa Gus's Bed Bug Killer Spray to eliminate bed bugs quickly.


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