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Natural Bed Bug Killer Spray

Natural Bed Bug Killer Spray

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Kills Bed Bugs, Even Pyrethroid-Resistant Bed Bugs & Eggs by Contact: Grandpa Gus's Bed Bug Killer Spray is laboratory-proven to kill bed bugs as effectively as a pyrethroid bed bug spray and better than a natural bed bug spray killer spray

Grandpa Gus's Bed Bug Killer Spray steadily releases nature's own protective ingredients over time to effectively kill bed bugs and their eggs; Made in the USA

SAFE FOR USE AROUND KIDS AND PETS*: Our simple, natural ingredients are toxic to bugs, not people or pets. Once the spray has dried, children and pets can return to the area of application; Spray will not harm fabrics. *when used as directed

100% PLANT-BASED ACTIVES: Active essential oil Geraniol, a highly powerful insecticide, works with Lemongrass and Citronella to kill bed bugs for up to 48 hours.

NATURAL, SIMPLE SOLUTIONS: Grandpa Gus set out to create new formulas that really work using natural ingredients and plant-based actives that are simple and safe for the family to use no matter what, worry free!

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Grandpa Gus's Bed Bug Killer Non-Aerosol Spray

A natural bed bug killer spray that works as well as a pyrethroid killer. With it's 100% plant-based actives, our formula is proven to be highly effective and long-lasting. For once, you do not need to compromise between a product that truly works and one that is safe and gives you peace of mind. Made in the USA!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product made in the USA? 

Yes! All of Grandpa Gus's products are made and shipped right here in the USA.

How long will it take to receive my order? 

We ship all orders the following business day after your order is placed. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information once your order is shipped. Most orders will arrive within 3-5 business days.

Does this product contain chemicals or pesticides? 

Absolutely not! Our products contain no chemicals or pesticides and smell wonderful!

What ingredients are in this product? What makes it work? 

The active ingredient in this product is plant oils. The combination we've chosen - peppermint and cinnamon - smell great to us, but mice dislike them.

Frequently Asked Questions