5 Tips to Prevent Rodents

5 Tips to Prevent Rodents

Clean That Yard! The best way to get started is to deal with the problem at the source – which is the area around your home. Your yard is its own natural habitat, and it includes rodents as well as predators. Regularly picking up garbage and removing any unnecessary clutter are all ways to make your property less enticing to rodents, and to give them fewer places to hide from birds, snakes, cats, etc. 

Remember – anything living in your yard may make its way into your home as well!

Block Their Access: On the exterior of your home, be sure to repair any leaky pipes and seal up any holes with steel wool, using caulk to keep it in place. Place covers on all air vents, and seal off any openings around cabinetry. 

And of course, be mindful – don’t leave your doors or windows open. If you do, use screens to keep those pests out! 

Eliminate Attractions: Practicing indoor cleanliness, particularly in the kitchen area, will make your home MORE habitable for you and LESS habitable for rodents. You can do so by simply:

  • Consistently close all packages containing food – especially chips and cereal.
  • Clean your stove stops and garbage cans (and be sure to use liners).
  • Thoroughly rinse disposable food materials.

Boxes to Bins: Some people like to keep the original packaging for their electronics and appliances, and others use cardboard boxes to store important papers or off-season clothing. As handy as these boxes may be, it is time to upgrade them with sealable plastic bins. Corrugated cardboard is easily chewed by a mouse’s sharp teeth and fluffed into what it considers an excellent nesting material. If it finds paper or soft clothing inside, then it is even more likely to continue gnawing.

Eliminate Clutter: Organizing any piles of clutter, particularly in concrete areas such as basements, closets, and storage rooms, will help make your home less rodent-inhabitable. It’s also helpful to keep large clusters of items away from walls – for example, a pile of items placed in the center of a storage room would be less rodent-friendly, since they prefer to avoid crossing wide-open spaces.     

Already doing this but want to make sure your home is truly rodent-free? Consider trying some of my mouse repellent products. 

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