3 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom and Kitchen Pest-Free

3 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom and Kitchen Pest-Free

Hello, friends! Having problems with pests in your bathroom and kitchen areas? Don’t worry, I have some ideas for you…

  • Eliminate moisture

Like all of us, insects need water to survive and reproduce. With showering, shaving, and tooth-brushing, bathrooms are usually more moist than other parts of the home. Simply being mindful of this and drying down the area after all activities is the first step to having fewer pests.  

  • Repair those pipes & tiles

Let’s turn our attention to those leaky pipes. Get those sealed asap, or you’ll have a pest-friendly swimming pool right in your bathroom! If you have a tile bathroom, you may have some cracks to fill as well. Not only do leaky pipes and cracked tiles create small pools of water, but they also act as entry points for smaller pests to access. 

  • Clean up crumbs on floors & counters, or you’ll be sorry

Make it a point to keep your kitchen area clean and tidy. Some basics include picking up any messes or crumbs, making sure your food is stored in sealed containers, and taking out the trash on a regular basis. (Be sure to use liners in all garbage cans, or they’ll be full of ants!) Those pests are always on the lookout for an easy meal, and we don't want to give them any extra incentive to stick around. 

Followed my tips but having pest problems?

Use my natural pest control products to stop ants, roaches, and all kinds of insects from making themselves at home in your kitchen or bathroom.

Instead of introducing any suspect chemicals to your kitchen or bathroom areas, choose one of my natural formulasFor insect control use my Ant, Roach & Fly Killer Spray along the baseboards and windowsills.  For mouse control use my Mouse Repellent Pouches in the cabinets .They’re family safe* and proven to work!


Also keep an eye out for my Old-Time Handshake Guarantee™ - a special promise to ensure you're always satisfied with my pest control solutions. 

Stay safe* and pest-free!



*when used as directed

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