Tick Bites Leading to Severe Food Allergies

Tick Bites Leading to Severe Food Allergies

Many mysterious allergic reactions across the country are now being linked to one common condition: Alpha-Gal syndrome. These reactions are triggered by the consumption of red meat but are difficult to diagnose since the symptoms often do not happen until several hours after eating. Also, nearly half of U.S. medical doctors haven’t even heard of it. 

Symptoms vary widely with some experiencing itching/hives while others experience a frightening and severe shortness of breath. These occurrences are no joke and can even result in trips to the emergency room. With red meat being so common in the American diet, living with this condition can be like having a peanut allergy, except you likely wouldn’t even know what’s causing it. The good news is that the CDC has now identified the Lone-Star Tick (pictured below) as the source of Alpha-Gal Syndrome. 

Why is this good news? Because with the right prevention methods and products, you can keep ticks away and stay safe. If you live in a warm area or just love the outdoors, then your best bet is to go with an all-natural repellent spray that is safe, long-lasting, and highly effective.

Mysterious meat allergy passed by ticks may affect hundreds of thousands in US, CDC estimates CNN, July 29, 2023

Grandpa Gus’ Tick Repellent Spray is plant-based, utilizing 3 essential oils (geraniol, lemongrass oil, and peppermint oil) to protect you for up to 8 hours. Unlike other products, it has a fresh scent and absorbs easily into the skin. This non-greasy, all-natural product is easily applied and safe for the whole family. * It won’t stain any clothing, gear, or fabrics either.

*when used as directed

Remember, insect-transmitted allergies such as Alpha-Gal Syndrome are difficult to diagnose, and unfortunately there is no known cure either. Prevention is your best bet, so be sure to purchase the proper repellent if you will be near ticks.

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